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Half lamp, half painting, a devotional altar.

Its a long story as to why i made this….its kind of a experiment come commission, A take on the indian devotional paintings of shiva in the same style. A kind of devotional altar…Thanks to Erwin for the help with lighting it!
1.4 x 1m x 0.25m Wooden construction light with 12v LED lights.

Its a bit beyond my photography skills but here it is again in it’s night mode

and again in day time face on

Joys tree

Joy insisted the studio needed a Christmas tree….

Unfairground update

Just updated the Unfairground website, with pics and new sections about the venues in the unfairground you can check it out here

Graffiti Dialogues

So friends at DAC have asked me to take part in Graffiti Dialogues an ongoing research into the questions, answers and paradoxes behind the criminalization of street art. Thats probably not the way they would describe it but the series of workshops do go in some way to discuss the issues behind , art crime and public space.

This workshop looks to engage with practicing artists, local designers, academics, graffiti practitioners and others connected to both formal and infomal creative industries, to discuss codes of practice employed.

Anyhow the workshop takes place in the Bristol Museum, chosen for its pivotal place in the institutional acceptance of what is still classed as a crime. There from 11am to 4pm.

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Joy’s first wall

May is a big month in my house, after attack of the killer noni in the garden, work starts on replacing the jasmine in the back garden for joys 6th birthday. Faced with a large cinder block wall Joy and i decided to decorate it.

Joy painted most of it with the bits out of reach being painted by myself.

joys wall3

Joys wall 1

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Madrid Takeover

Took part in the Madrid Street Advertising Takeover, I was put in touch with these guys through Dr D, thanks D. Glad they got away with it, heres how it went:

April 30th we set out at 5:30am in 4 teams, each consisting of a trolley filled with posters, 3 installers, and one photographer. The action took less than an hour and I sit writing this only hours after we finished. As it looks now, Cemusa has discovered that they have been targeted and we have been watching workers check and count the takeover locations. While I would expect them to remove our work immediately, they have not. This is either because they do not have commercial content to fill these spaces, or like in Toronto, they are documenting the damage. Read more here

There is no Subculture only subversion.

You do that Voodoo

So i’ve been fairly tight lipped about Glastonbury, but the bugger is in full effect this month. Unfairground returns, the sideshows of last year are being added to with a monster 25′ Striker (test your strength machine). Don’t want to show too much at the moment, but it has a voodoo skeleton theme. Just been making some  prototypes for the prizes, featured below are Mark I, Mark II and Mark III.

Still not there…..its going to take a few more trials but you kinda get the nasty idea. Hand sticked evil dolls, may even go for a few different designs. Lets hope the weather is as good as last year, the Unfairground looks like its set to go from strength to strength.

Getting up in the school loos

Its easy to complain and harder to fix complaints. In this time of public spending cuts the friction between supply and demand of society and its infrastructure are at crisis. In the end i suppose, the message is if you want it done then fix it yourself. So we did, the loos for years 5 + 6 were in poor order and the parents teachers and care-taking staff all pitched in to repaint and spruce them up. A long day for the one coat crew and the kind help of Zadok from dead leg and Plastic bones.

Royal Academy Auction

On the 22nd of March the exquisite corpse canvas was auctioned at the At the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London, as part of the Royal Academy’s schools Annual Dinner & auction. There is a video here of the works displayed at Sotherby’s New Bond Street London. The evening was a big success with the work making £1275 for the Academy’s fund raiser. Thanks again to Club Monaco, Browns and the Mighty booth for making the whole thing allot fun.

Photo corpse


both this and the canvas version will be hung in Browns on South Molton Street W1, in the run up to the auction at Sotherby’s on the 22nd of March