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Mickey mouse economy

1.65m by 0.9m stencil on canvas

Jackson 5 half gone

Half the Jackson 5 edition left Dotmasters HQ this morning, so if you bought one expect it in the coming days.  There are still 19 left so if you were left short by the excess of Christmas there is still some time to get one. You can get them here. Response to the Funny Money series has been amazing and i thank you all for your continued support. This will be last one for a while as i am working on a new body of work for a show coming later in the late spring as well as a new print release that people have been requesting for some time, stay tuned for details…may even manage to make it coincide with valentines day.


Things are hotting up at the Mint! Production shots from the Funny Money Series, as the Jackson Five Dollar edition rolls of the press.

Purple Mao


I have 5 of the edition of 10 purple Mao dollars left over from the Taking liberties christmas show. if you want one they are available through the Facebook dotmasters page. Drop me a message via the page sold on a first come first served basis at £30 P&P inc.

Making Dollar

It’s been a hard week at the noteface, the dollar sausage machine has been in full swing. The Mao ze Dollar edition of 36 sold out, were packed and posted. The purplish Mao for taking Liberty’s show made and a couple of experiments knocked out! Thanks to all who Bought a note, should be with you soon

Mao ZeDollar

A new edition in the currency series available from tomorrow. As with the MonroEIIR tenner an edition of 36 on American Legal tender at the price of £20 + P&P. With the huge financial ups and downs on the international money markets, just who’s image should be on which note? Dotmasters present the Mao ZeDollar the latest in a series of works made on legal tender.
Above some colourway AP’s testing out colour combinations.