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Remember Easter?

It was such a crazy weekend with so many friends in front and behind the camera. Saft films  shot and edited it, Hidden sound did all the sound and Widewalls organised the whole thing.

Mallorca revisited

Some nice shots of Mallorca house Casa Son Vida featured at Juxtapoz. The plan is  to repaint it this July, plans are already underway for a more bond villain style work to replace the coi carp. ‘Best Ever’ Neil set to join me on the trip, theres a Son Vida mission. Be good to hit a wall or two after we’ve finished what we’ve come to do!

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Casa Son Vida pics from coolhunter shots of Dotmasters on the house.

check the Ali Gym shot in the distance

more here of course

Roof repair

After 14 months in the Mallorcan sun, rain and cold, the garage roof was looking tatty a day and a half’s touch up and its a good as new. Actually it looks a bit better, the sun has bleached the colours back and the paint has settled. The problems seem to have been caused buy the initial base coat not adhering to the concrete. Funny to repair work outside, often the council just seems to buff it out before it weathers at all. Off to Munich later today, I hear the Bavarian Councils curatorial position is one of the strictest in Europe.

Dreams of Louis

Dreams o Louis V

Back in Mallorca and picking up where i left off. Here to fix a old work the sun and rain has ravaged but while i am here might as well knock out some  new work on an old fridge door, approx 1.1m by 0.8m.