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Racking card


In these austere times none of us can afford to leave that dam Oyster card on the mirror or Cd case at whichever den of iniquity, rubbing salt into the wounds of an already expensive evening out on the tiles. 86mm x 54mm plastic cards edition of 250.

Dine Out

Someone gave me a load of Time Out Banksy posters, so i had to have a go, didn’t i? Especially after the Cans posters a few years ago. Seemed a shame not too. Spray paint on Lithographic poster 68cm x 51 cm. Got 20 of them so there may be some more versions… buy them here


Mad Pride’s Holocaust day gig

The crew of ‘nutters’ behind Creative Routes ‘MUSES CAFE’ events are once more teaming up with campaigning organisation MAD PRIDE to stage a special event to mark the international ‘HOLOCAUST DAY’ memorial.
In Germany in the 1930’s the Nazi’s put out propaganda ‘newsreels’ showing images of mentally ill and disabled people alongside slogans telling the taxpaying population that these ‘degenerate’ people were costing them money to keep alive as a justification for the ‘final solution’ of exterminating them in the concentration camps.
MAD PRIDE are asking the question ‘how far does this differ from the current government and media propaganda which aims to label all welfare benefit recipients as ‘scroungers’?’
Vulnerable people at the bottom of the social ladder are once again being made to be the scapegoat for the bankers and capitalists reckless mishandling of the economy.

Peace angel tunnel

What a day! What a place! Painting with Daim and Loomit today!!! Heroes of mine and painting at the same place and same time, it couldn’t get better, ok it could be summer, not -1, not snowing but other than the chapped lips and cold toes, it rocked! This Tunnel is amazing, work by flying fortress guesting Akut’s eye, Loomit, Daim a shit load of the best guys you could ask for, will get a full list tomorrow.
managed a few walls, you will have to excuse the poor photography from my blackberry, better shots to come tomorrow, too late, too tired and too cold.
the Tunnel is well worth a visit if your in Munich. All works look set to ride for a year or so, they are all protected with that dam anti graffiti wax that stops us touching things. Never had so many people stop to talk about a zone, reminded me of nuart in a way, a lot of love for this tunnel in this town.

Is it me? Or has it changed?

Recently i went shopping to replace some colours in the Montana Gold range, only to find that the can undergone a redesign. That however was not the only change. For some reason known only to themselves the names of colours have changed taking on the preposterous  tone of interior design paints where mid yellow becomes the “child of sunshine and happiness”. For example the aptly named silver grey (fairly good description of the colour of the paint) becomes ‘wall’. Light grey becomes marble. Talking about colour is like dancing about architecture but come on guys leave the art fag titles to chinz obsessed interior decorators.
That is not where the difference ends, and this brings me to the title of this post, It it me? Or has it changed? Is the consistency of the paint is different? it seems wetter, less dusty? Is it me or does it take longer to dry? The colours appear different to the old range, the greys more green, less a true mix of black and white? Whats gone on?

Kids vs chocolate jesus

Nick Walkers show opened last night…. allot of fun was had by all. Loved the chocolate jesus destroyed by Mr W’s wonderful girls, a real family affair! Great show, have a look 7 Howick Place SW1 1BB


Met an East End Pearly king today, just round the corner from the studio, Made my day!  Haven’t see one on the streets for years, great to see they are still around. The practice of wearing clothes decorated with pearl buttons originated in the 19th century. It is first associated with Henry Croft, an orphan street sweeper who collected money for charity.


Well i suppose it had to happen at some stage, check the new domain name in the address bar.  I resisted it for ages, i don’t even remember the reason now, so there it is.

Embossed and 3mil thick

An invite an a half thumped onto my doorstep this morning, the postman complained of a hernia and the dog sprained his jaw. With more gold than fort knox and more gucci than Louie 5, Nick walker pulls out all the stops with this invite for his new show, can’t wait to see what he’s been hiding.

Mine hair

Evol sent me a link to this image from rebel:art absolute cracker