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Beach Paint jam Mallorca

Widewalls curated a soon to be demolished hotel in a small bay in Mallorca, In less than 48 hours 9 artists covered the crumbling hotel with some amazing artworks. Artists: Nick Walker, Dotmasters, Loomit Conor Harrington, Lucy McLaughlan, Zadok, Sickboy, Banek, Ezequiel


Suppose its the right year to be messing with this sort of thing.  Remember, I’m in East London, in a Diamond Jubilee year,  you can’t help but want to take some of these icons and make them your own.

Ubu web

Saw this site ages ago and loved it! Followed a link to it today, to find it had quadrupled in size. A great resource for all those weird avant guarde films you can never find. There are hundreds of films in this archive they range from  Not I by S. Beckett which is absolutely terrifying, to Fat Boy Slim’s  weapon of choice which is frankly silly. Well worth a visit, Ubu Web