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TOY print release….finally

So finally here is the TOY print, much delayed and with an entire miss print run in between. 5 colour silkscreen on 300 gsm arches 88 cotton rag 56x76cm hand finished with a roller and red acrylic paint. Its a slightly smaller edition of 41 rather than the 50 previously stated, but the price is still the same £80.

Postage and packing is £20 which sounds steep but each print comes double tubed and trackable, the extra weight of the tube system adding to the postage.   These things are post proof, there is nothing worse than getting something that has been smashed up in transit is there. Those within the UK will receive there prints with royal mails next day delivery, outside the UK will be sent Royal Mail Airsure. You can buy there here.

All come blind stamped signed and numbered with an accompanying C.O.A
There is a smaller blue edition of 7 in blue at £140 plus £20 P&P
 you can buy there here 

TOY print news

Ok so the prints are finally in my hands, just starting to sort the hand finishing and should be dropping them tomorrow evening so check back here then. Thanks for your patience.

Toy print delayed

Sorry if your checking this to find out about the latest print release, it will be unavoidably delayed till mid next week. Apparently the courier is avoiding picking the dam thing up. Will get you more news as it happens. Again sorry for the delay!

On a slow boat to Japan

Finally all the pieces slotted into place this Thursday as the crew gathered down in Findon to load the mother of all shipping containers with the set for Fuji Rock Festival in late July. In a secret location deep in the woods the finishing touches were put of the Unfairgrounds sideshows which will accompany the Palace of Wonder outside the Festivals walls.
The weeks painting finished with the tightest load ever seen, it was touch and go whether it would all fit, but with some pushing and shoving the last bits slotted into place.

TOY print release

Apologies if your checking the site to find out about the next Dotmasters print release, there has been a delay. I won’t say too much now, as we are still all trying to fix the faults that mean that the release is delayed ie. reprinting the edition again….i know, a pain,  but these things have to be right. The new release date will be next friday the 18th. Any way below is a taster of the forth coming print with out the hand finishing, the full painful story will be told when it drops next week. Sorry folks, but good things come to those that wait…..apparently.
The above is the printers proof so colours may vary to the finished print, it will be an edition of 50 hand finished with the TOY  hand finished in mini rollered in red acrylic on arches 88 white 300gsm cotton rag 56cm x 76cm at £80. All prints will be double tubed to prevent damage during postage.

The history of the piece is that it was painted for the Nuart Landmark series two years ago  and proved a firm favorite with the people of Stavanger.
Photo by Evan Pricco in this Mays Juxtapoz 

So have a work in the Dizni show at Graffik London on the 17th of May,  a nice big one!


So the deadline looms for all the sideshows to be loaded into the shipping container for its two month trip by sea to Japan. Standing at 4.9m ‘Knuckle Sandwich’ is the sister High Striker for last years  7.5m ‘Old Boney’. The steel framework is still to be attached to the painted facade as is the bell and mechanism. Its going to be a long hard week with the kids striker still to be finished.  Fuji Rock her we come!

Knuckle Sandwich

Below is the new middle sized high striker, ‘Knuckle Sandwich’
the empty scrolls will have the usual rating of strengths from loser to hero. Standing at 4.9m its the little sister of last years 7.3m ‘Old Boney’ . Together with ‘Dem Dancing Bones’ all three will form ‘The Bone Yard’ the ultimate test of strength. check out ‘Old Boney’ or here

New High Striker

Loads happening this month. Works underway for two new High Strikers (test your strength machines) for Fuji Rock Festival in July….I know ages away, but the shipping container leaves mid May so better get a wiggle on. Above is the new Kids striker ‘Dancing Bones’ at 3m high it may be a little easier for our littlest hammer swingers to ring the bell. ‘The Knuckle Sandwich’ the sister to the 7.5m Old boney come in at a modest 5m. Hopefully you’ll see them all together at Glastonbury 2013, look out for the ‘Bone yard high strikers’ at a festival near you!

Couple of Bucks

Mickey mouse dollar edition of two, for Disney show at Graffik Gallery Portobello road, date to be confirmed.