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Pair of twins

Dream of Louis V

110 x  80cm A pair of canvases produced for two charity auctions, The White Ball at the end of January and the Haven House Childrens Hospice auction at Dreweatts in March. A pair of almost identical twins for a pair of deserving childrens charities.

Dark Twat

The legendary dark twat, world tours, thousands of venues but only heard by a  few. The song remains……

Gerlan Jeans

In these times of financial uncertainty how is a small unique fashion label able to fund a collection? Well, an very old friend Gerlan Marcel has come up with a novel way to get that illusive cash, spread the load amongst her network. She only has five days left to reach her $17,358 target and she only needs $587 . There is a staggered reward system for those that contribute…go on become a fashion impresario. check here for details or visit her site here. Come on Beyonce wears this stuff.

Bow optional