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Nuart 2012

It must be that time of year again, great line up for this my 7th year producing Nuart, particularly excited to have Saber, Eine and Sickboy over…sounds like trouble already!

Ride Hard

A couple of years ago i got some skateboard blanks from Shit Skateboards in Stavanger. This blank has been knocking around the studio since then, till last night.

NuArt catalogue online

Just a heads up that the NuArt 2011 catalogue is ready to print and available online here. It gives a good run down of the artists invited the program of workshops taking place and the films and talks we have scheduled during the weeks of NuArt. We print 3000 and distribute the paper from the gallery for those of you than can’t make it to Stavanger download the link from above.

Nuart 2011

So, it’s that time of year again! I’m off for the 6th time to  Nuart 2011, this year sees a great line up of friends old and NU. The location is the beer halls at Tou Scene. An old and favorite location in Stavanger. The show opens on the 1st of October, with a wild night of dubstep from Hyperdub in the machine room next door it promises to be an outstanding opening night party. Details of who’s playing at numusic.no
My show production starts from the 18th, although there has been folk who have been hard at it for a long time already! I will of course update here, my take on the proceedings.
This year we release a book Eloquent Vandals with the history of the festival in glorious print, put together by back bone of the festival Victoria & marte (sounds like a song by the fall). Anyhow it will be released at the launch party in the gallery on the last weekend of the show (end of October). Although i am not on the official line up i am sure there will be some Dotmasters stuff up on the streets of Stavanger this year.

On the hop or “Look Ma no Stencils”

It’s been a hard week, 16 hour days in the wind and the rain, and all too seldom the sun. After 3 days helping Ben Eine in Bergen (traditionally the wettest city on the west coast) in the blazing sunshine, i was hopeful that Stavanger would deliver the same. WRONG! The building above is the Lervig brewery, yes i got given the keys of a brewery and painted a bloody wall. Talk about couldn’t organise a piss up in a… Mike, the master brewer even offered me use of the company fridge! Hard to get enthusiastic for getting drunk in the rain 8m in the air in a cherry picker…..DAM.  Dodging raindrops the size of 50mm shells meant working through the night, in the vain hope that the forecasts were right. WRONG! But its nearly there and i”ve only a day more tweaking and introducing some stencil elements. The still above is from Martin Hawks, (Saft films) during the week he road tested some new camera equipment out and produced some stunning time lapse (with a difference!!) . He must of shot 1000’s of frames and each nights brought its own weather logistics, cameras don’t seem to like the rain much either. But wait till you see it…..beautifully filmed. Thanks to Carl for the shots below…again stunning, and of course the Nuart crew, and Reed productions for setting the whole thing up.

Outside in Stavanger




Arrived and had 24hrs to paint the stuff i was going to show. An all nighter and some of the next day and the wall was hung with minutes to spare. Busy beyond belief, the prizes left over from Glastonbury selling out in minutes. Sold allot of work, funny been working in Stavanger for 6 years now and never really had an product to sell, suppose the folk here have been waiting cos there’s not much left.

Thanks to all who came and supported the event, thanks to all those who bought some work, and thanks to Tore, Randi, Susan, and of course Reed Projects who made it all possible.

you can check out more photographs of the show at the nuart flickr page here

Outside in

So in Stavanger again, this time for a different reason, Nuart happens later in the year. This time for Reed productions first sale show at Skur 2 in downtown Stavanger (do they have a downtown?) Anyway a great line up for this sales show featuring allot of work from Martyns own collection as well as work by Dolk and myself made especially for the show. Opens the 1st of july and looks to be a busy night. There are a few other events happening over the next two weeks in Bergen and stavanger but will post more as they happen.


So…Here’s your first chance to watch “Eloquent Vandals” the film about the  Nuart’s festival 2008. Half an hour long and made with a hell of allot of good will. Its not a bad snapshot of what happens at Nuart (if you ignore the horrid lies that i break our artists noses). Any how you can watch it Monday January 31st at 10.00 GMT at the brooklynite gallery site. The film was directed and shot and lit by Martin Hawkes with myself conducting all the interviews and doing the sound . There is a fantastic soundtrack by Nick smith and the whole thing was put together at Saft films under the watchful eye of Mr Nuart himself Martyn Reed. Its worth a look and features footage of Nuart 2007 plus in depth interviews and a general look and feel at what we do at Nuart. There are lots of free give aways  available on the day so turn on, tune in, and Get up!

Rainbows and toys

Thanks to Lin Heide for this great shot ….think if you look top left its a double rainbow

Nuart Map

A cool interactive map for Nuart has been made by an unlikely source Aftenbladet you can see it here.
When i say unlikely it is because, as Stavangers widest read local paper it was astonishing to find absolutely no coverage of the event with in its pages during the weeks that it occured. The paper refused to cover the event stating (from an unnamed source) “that the paper had covered the festival for the last 9 years and didn’t see why it should cover the festival in its 10th year” of course this sort of logic is obvious to a provincial paper, ignoring the fact that the event was covered from the 4 corners of the planet by papers, magazines blogs and the like.
I’d like to thank Aftenbladet for the map, better late than never. Its a cool Map and shows each of the locations of the works as well up as pop up pictures of the works.