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The Robin Hood Tax folk are putting on the pressure with a new campaign for the start of university’s new term. Mugs and postcards with Dotmasters graphics are at this very minute being collected around the UK by drunken freshers. Thank god one of the items isĀ unusableĀ as roach hopefully making it to the end of the first week.
Read the small print.

Robin Hood Video

You’ve seen the pics, read the press, now see the video.

Robin Hood Tax

The Robin Hood Tax were drumming up support yesterday with Mutate Britain at Cordy house in Shoreditch. An morning press call brought the cameras out on a thankfully sunny day. A small pop up show accompanied the proceedings and can be visited on Saturday and Sunday at Cordy house, Curtain road, Shoreditch. An article can be found here.

Bill Nighy posing for the press

Bill Nighy posing for the press

Cordy House

Just when you thought the old dog was dead, you find yourself back in cordy house with the usual suspects causing chaos. This time its the Robin Hood Tax , Dr D pasting up the walls outside, Teddy B doing the dog while Pete Dunn and Kevin sort the gallery upstairs. Thursday night see’s an opening of sorts of a like minded bunch supporting something that makes sense….i know advice from the delusional, but cordy house is alive again! Got some stuff upstairs in the show and some on the street below.

I love this door, its a beauty!

Robin Hood Tax

Cutting some new stuff for the Robin Hood Tax‘s press day on Thursday the 15th of April, Several of the Mutate Britain artists, Dr D, Wreckage and myself are hitting up Cordy House in curtain road to set the back drop for the broadcasts on Thursday.

0.05% stencil note for the centerpiece of a work at the press day on the 15th