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Chanel print available online


I know it’s been a while, but these web shop thingies seem to be quite complicated to set up. REed proJECTS gallery have their new online shop ready for business check them out! The remainder of the edition from the show is available just follow the link below, last i heard there were only 20 left.

You can buy them here

REed proJECTS a higher class of trash’d

Plans are afoot for a very silly night out in the Rejects gallery on the 9th of November. A glamourous night of trashed is guaranteed, they’ll be rewards for those who either come dressed ‘High Class’ or ‘Trash’, that is… pikey or posh to those in the know. Evening gowns and shell suits, prada or drinking trainers the choice is yours! The night see’s a number of Dotmaster themes re visited trash/glamour stick. Available on the night from the gallery the much requested Chanel print,  A2 (594 x 420 mm) 250g somerset white paper with 9 colour silkscreen print.

Nuart 2012

It must be that time of year again, great line up for this my 7th year producing Nuart, particularly excited to have Saber, Eine and Sickboy over…sounds like trouble already!

Herakut outdoor at Nuart

Been waiting for this to come out since last summer’s Nuart. One of my favourite pieces from last year’s festival. What didn’t make the cut was the frantic 2 hours were Hera was caught at the top of a very broken down cherry picker,  while an international crew (an Irish man, a English man, a Canadian and an East German….i know it sounds like the start of a playground joke)  tried to follow the Norweigian instructions to rescue her. Of course filmed by the amazing Saft films.

Ride Hard

A couple of years ago i got some skateboard blanks from Shit Skateboards in Stavanger. This blank has been knocking around the studio since then, till last night.

Nuart 2011 report

So the dust has settled and aches have been soothed and some distance has been put between myself and the city of Stavanger.  It was my 6th Nuart,  I have exhibited, curated and produced and sometimes all 3 at the same time. This year saw me in purely a production role, helping artists to navigate the beer halls of Tou Scene, Stavanger. We were blessed with unseasonably balmy weather, with a mid twenties 1st of October and weeks of little rainfall. For a year where we did a gallery show there was a hell of a lot of street work done. The sun came out and the lid came off the box of frogs.

The beer halls at the old Brewery consist of a large for hall with 6 17m by 5m chambers running off a large corridor. most people took a whole chamber for them selves. Each one becoming an environment for their characters, themes or installations.  The rooms are large and its a daunting task putting a mark on them. This years artists really took to the task and created some stunning spaces and moods making the space a stage for their art.

David Choe and DVS-1
Dan Witz
Escif & Huyro
Herbert Baglione

To top it all Nuart had Lucy McLaughlin over to paint a lighthouse just outside town. This two eek project coincided with Nuart and after finishing up early Lucy, Kate and Matt hit town, joining the artists on the streets.

This year Matt and Evan from Juxtapoz made the trip from the states to witness the fun and create a stream of posts live during the week. Couple of great guys and their posts can be found here.

We were lucky we had such good media support, things happen so quick during production that without people like Henrik  who shot stuff for Arrested Motion we would miss a lot of what goes on ourselves. Henriks photos and posts can be found here .

We had a few screw ups, some crossed wires but all in all the production team pulled of one of the smoothest years i’ve ever had at Nuart. There are too many names to mention, some i hardly met, but each one helped achieve off a city wide invasion of art that leaves a lasting legacy on the streets of Stavanger. The show is open from friday to saturday at Tou Scene, but you only have to walk around the town to see what fun we had this year. See you in 2012.


Ahhhhh….tists Ahoy!

Well we are up and running, Phlegm at it in the beer halls, Herakut’s room painted and ready. The next few weeks will be a mix of paint, drink, film and mayhem…. probably. are back at it with the dynamic perspective rig and a big pimp RED camera and hand built pimped out steady cam rig.

So you can be sure of some beautifully crafted video documentation coming soon. Well, its friday, the calm before the storm. 5 more artists hit the walls tomorrow, Escif, Huyro, Herbert Baglione and Tellas.  With new artists arriving everyday the numbers grow steadily, with the beat of the drum on this slave ship beating out rhythm “planning speed”

NuArt catalogue online

Just a heads up that the NuArt 2011 catalogue is ready to print and available online here. It gives a good run down of the artists invited the program of workshops taking place and the films and talks we have scheduled during the weeks of NuArt. We print 3000 and distribute the paper from the gallery for those of you than can’t make it to Stavanger download the link from above.

Nuart 2011

So, it’s that time of year again! I’m off for the 6th time to  Nuart 2011, this year sees a great line up of friends old and NU. The location is the beer halls at Tou Scene. An old and favorite location in Stavanger. The show opens on the 1st of October, with a wild night of dubstep from Hyperdub in the machine room next door it promises to be an outstanding opening night party. Details of who’s playing at
My show production starts from the 18th, although there has been folk who have been hard at it for a long time already! I will of course update here, my take on the proceedings.
This year we release a book Eloquent Vandals with the history of the festival in glorious print, put together by back bone of the festival Victoria & marte (sounds like a song by the fall). Anyhow it will be released at the launch party in the gallery on the last weekend of the show (end of October). Although i am not on the official line up i am sure there will be some Dotmasters stuff up on the streets of Stavanger this year.

Stavanger report


So the project i was working on in Bergen was postponed due to the sad imbecile who decided to try and go down in history through incredible acts of stupidity and cruelty in Oslo last week. I won’t dwell on it but the best thing we can do in reaction is to ignore the sad fuck and commiserate with those affected. Anyhow after a brief stop in Bergen i flew to Stavanger to paint the canvases bought during the Outside in show, luckily the postponement gave me extra time to furfil the mountains of orders placed at the gallery. Thanks Stavanger i feel really loved. Of course because i was stuck in the studio the sun decided to shine, why o why couldn’t done that for the last time when i was stuck up a cherry picker for 60 hours. Today it became too much and i had to get out on the street and put something up (as you can see above). The police even drove past, slowed down waved and continued on their way…you gotta love this town.

Banging them out in the Numusic office.

This week Stavanger was host to the tall ships race, the harbor was chock a block with boats of all shapes and sizes, with the largest tall ship in the world in attendance. Walking along the harbor side was like being transported back to the 1700’s a really cool festival.