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Remember Easter?

It was such a crazy weekend with so many friends in front and behind the camera. Saft films  shot and edited it, Hidden sound did all the sound and Widewalls organised the whole thing.


Family and friends are putting together a new festival venue down in the docklands that you will hear more and more about during the coming months. They start with a free party that is set to rock!  See you there!

Chrome & Black’s 3rd birthday bash

A great night out at Chrome & Blacks 3rd birthday last night, a motley crew assembled, fore warned that although paint had brought them together, this was not the time and place. A load of familiar faces, even if no one knew eachothers real names. After a raffle and some impromptu break dancing (jeez i haven’t seen anyone pull those moves on a night out for a decade) It was off to the shop for a lock in surrounded by paint and fragrant smoke. Well done Lads! Bloody great night from Londons premier Art suppliers….ahem.

Never seen the complete Belton range  without gaps in the racks….beautiful !

Herakut outdoor at Nuart

Been waiting for this to come out since last summer’s Nuart. One of my favourite pieces from last year’s festival. What didn’t make the cut was the frantic 2 hours were Hera was caught at the top of a very broken down cherry picker,  while an international crew (an Irish man, a English man, a Canadian and an East German….i know it sounds like the start of a playground joke)  tried to follow the Norweigian instructions to rescue her. Of course filmed by the amazing Saft films.

Sick in San Fran

Sickboy and I  hit up a mates flat in central London a couple of weeks ago. Sickie was filming a short film to promote his show in San fran this week at white walls . Nice vid, although there is a blink and you will miss it shot of me painting a wall in the front room. I bet the shows a corker, if your in town post a dream or two in the post boxes he’s dropping round town, or drop by the show bound to be a crazy mix of installation and great paintings.

Zadok in the house

Caught up with Mr Knox aka Zadok, with him trekking out to see the new studio, he was only here 5 minutes and he got out of control. Always a pleasure to watch him paint.



Thanks to every one who came to the sovereign yesterday, it was great fun and we raised a stack of cash…final figures are not in…everyone was a bit tipsy in the end. The money will all go to help fight this ludicrous court case.


Just a reminder that i have some new original works and some older works being raffled on:
I mentioned a couple of weeks ago here that we are holding a fundraiser for a friend Patrizia, an Italian activist’s legal fees fighting a proscecution for seeking the truth about a death in the cells in Peruga Italy.
They will be stalls selling second hand stuff, kids stuff, collectables and general tat as well as a raffle where you can win original works.

Dark Twat

Thanks to Martin for getting me this long converted tee. Legendary support act for Iron Maiden, the song always remains the fucking same!

Freedom of Speech

Raffle prize

In repressive regimes (usually the regimes western governments convince us to invade) the first loss of liberty is the freedom of speech. The first signifiers of a repressive regime are deaths in the cells.

My friend Patrizia Cirino has been accused of slander over the italian police’s detention and the subsequent death of Aldo Bianzino in Perugia. She has not accused anyone, she has only asked for information concerning the events that led up to  Aldo’s death. She is being prosecuted over this request for information, a lone woman of limited means against the state. Of course this means she will have to fight the case through their machine, the courts. This will cost a large amount of money and it is  for this reason we are holding a fund raising event on the:


I have donated several works for the raffle, unique works on aluminum. There will be all sorts of prizes and stalls, hopefully we can raise some funds to fight this case and get justice for both Aldo and Patrizia.

Raffle prize